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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dear Pope Benedict XVI,

The True Church and Bride of Jesus Christ is espoused to One Husband, even our Lord, Lover and Savior, the One and Only, Christ Jesus. We are to remain a chaste virgin while eagerly anticipating our glorious, heavenly wedding day with our strong, faithful, strikingly handsome Bridegroom!

Papa, I can’t tell you how utterly devastated I was to learn the bad news from Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the Boston Archdiocese.

The lovely Chaste Virgin has been seduced and beguiled by our Ancient Adversary into a special love affair with Jesus’ traditional, historical, perpetual, perennial, implacable, eternal anti-Christ Jew Antagonists! Alas, Alas, Amour Fatale!

Papa! Mama! Flee! Flee! Flee Spiritual Fornication!!!

Papa, you well know that the Roman Catholic Church is roundly believed to be the “Great Whore”! Please, don’t prove this to be true! Papa, Please! Don’t vindicate and validate the villainous John Hagee! Again I beseech you, flee fornication with the Circumcision! Wait a while longer for the True Circumcision, the Circumcised Sacred Heart of Jesus. Let Pastor John Hagee be Anathema! Papa, Hagee swears that his church is the “Cornerstone Church”. Papa, Please warn the jews and their jewdas christians that John “The Hag” Hagee is Satan’s minister of Hell’s “Millstone Church”! Please Papa, Remember, We spell it Hagiography not Hageeography!

The only “Special Relationship” that the “Church” should be having is with Jesus Christ. Period!

Your Jewish Paramour has demanded that you tryst with him, naked, sans crucifix, at his “Whining Wall”.

Papa, remember your Christian namesake Joseph. Remember what the evil sons of Jacob did to baby brother Joseph. They cast him into a pit and lied about it to Papa Jacob. Judah and his evil band of brothers told Jacob that Joseph was devoured by a wild beast.

Papa, All scripture is God given for our good instruction and warning.

Papa, Don’t let history repeat it’s evil self. Papa don’t allow yourself to be cast into a bottomless pit to be devoured by the antichrist beast brothers of Joseph.

Papa, Trying to talk with God at Herod’s “Whining Wall” is as useless as talking to the wall.

Papa, I beg you, don’t go to the Wall for the jews! They’re trying to back you up against the Wall. The jews are crazy. They’re totally “Off the Wall”. Without your crucifix to protect you, I fear that you will be raped and ravished by the Vampires. The jewish Vampires are a very real pain in the neck.

Now Papa, the reason Herod’s “Whining Wall” is the most “Sacred Site” in Judasism(sic) is a no-brainer.
Our Lord Jesus gave us His Holy Word that “not one stone of Herod’s Evil Temple would be left upon another” by Rome! Yes Papa, Your very own beloved Roma, the Eternal City, was to be God’s battle-axe and battering ram against wicked King Herod’s Unholy Temple of Doom.

The “Whining Wall” is for the Jew “Proof Positive” that Jesus is a liar and false prophet!!!

Papa, The only legitimate reason to go to Herod’s “Whining Wall” is for the very same reason that President Ronald Reagan went to the “Berlin Wall”. Demand that the jews “Tear Down this Wall”!!!

The last remaining vestige of Evil King Herod’s Temple must be dismantled. Not one stone must be left upon another! Thus fulfilling Our Lord’s Holy Word.

As you well know Papa, King Herod “The Great?” ordered all the innocent Christ-like babes under the age of two to be put to the sword, in his attempt to kill the eternal King of Heaven and Earth. Characteristically, this Idumean jew both feared and hated honest competition. He knew that even King Herod, the Great King of the Jews, was no match for King Jesus, the Great King of the Christians!

The wicked King Herod also gave the order to behead the mighty, spiritual powerhouse, John the Baptist, the Greatest Man ever born of Woman.

The beheading of John is highly symbolical. God was replacing John with Jesus as the new head of the Mystical, Spiritual Body! John, The Spiritual Head, separated from The Spiritual Body!

Herod’s progeny, Herod “Antichrist” Antipas was judged by God to be so evil that worms, actually maggots, devoured him alive!

It was also at wicked King Herod’s temple that Jesus gave Christians a clear, unambiguous eternal example; There is a time and a place for Holy Spirit-filled Christian violence. Jesus scourged Mammon’s jewish money-manipulating magicians. Eyes flashing, flushing red with Holy Wrath, Jesus physically, yes militantly, turned the tables on Herod’s evil jewish usurers/sorcerers!!!

In this Holy example, Jesus taught Christians not to play nice with the devils of Mammon. If Christians do business with the devils, they lose. God will not bless demonic financial transactions.

Israel, “Tear Down this Wall”! Leave one stone not upon another!

Christianity or Jewinsanity? Israel or Isntrael? Eretz Israel or Ersatz Israel? Quo Vadis?

Papa, The jews want to rebuild a jewish temple on the Temple Mount. The jewish vampires want bloody sacrifices of innocent animals reinstated! They want to slaughter innocent lambs! What would Pope Innocent say? Please Papa, don’t let the jews sacrifice Pope Innocent or Pope Innocent’s pastoral lambs.

Papa, don’t allow the judas-goats of Judasism(sic) to Holocaust Humanity!!! Stop the Golem!!!

Papa, Holy Christianity or Holocaust Insanity? Quo Vadis?

Papa, Don’t allow the jews to do the math. If the jews are allowed to do the Holocaust math, planet earth will soon be minus 6 Billion souls. The “Hoax at any Cost” is the root cause of the impending Israeli Nuclear Holocaust.

Papa, When speaking about the Holocaust, I warn you; Whatever you say, don’t state that “Some 6 million jews were exterminated”! You will be persecuted by prosecution for “Holocaust Denial”. The foregoing quote implies 6 million, give or take a million or so. Just like Christianity has the “Unforgivable Sin”, Holocaustinsanity also holds to the doctrine of the “Unforgivable Sin”. Holocaustinsanity’s “Unforgivable Sin” is questioning or even privately doubting the AntiChrists’ Mystical, Magical 666 numerology!

Papa, If you’ve ever said “Some 6 million jews perished in the Holocaust”, You must clarify your statement for the jew belief police! You must make a good confession to them. What you meant to say was 6 million and 66 jews perished in the Hitler Holycaust.

The reason that the Holocaust Horror Show is so popular is simple. Everybody loves a good horror show!
Given a choice between a love story and a good horror show, 9 out of 10 people will choose the horror show. The jews know this, especially the Hollywood Holocaust jews. The devils know human nature. They have been studying human nature for generations. The jews exploit human nature to the max. The jewish doctors of human psychology rape the minds of the masses of asses. Why do you think they call themselves “the rapist” or “therapist”? Why do they love to be called Doctor? Very simply, because they love to Doctor the Truth!

How could the jews go from the brink of total annihilation to undisputed, near total , global domination in just 66 years? 66 is their magical, mystical, cabbalistic number. I should think so!

This is Bull. Papal Bull? Pure Papal Bull? Palpable Papal Bull? Papa, Speak ex cathedra.

The Jews demand gas chambers. Do you agree to this demand? Speak to us Papa.

Gas or Hot Air? Quo Vadis?

Yeah, And I suppose it’s O.K. for the catholic priests to occasionally kiss the nuns, so long as they don’t get into the habit!

Now Papa, Let us tackle another obscene, insane doctrine. When Christianity is married to Jewinsanity it produces the consummate “Chrischyinsanity”!

I’ve repeatedly heard prelates in the Roman Catholic Hierarchy refer to the jews as our “Elder Brother”.
Well Papa, The famous english author Eric Blair, AKA George Orwell, warned us in his dystopian masterpiece “1984” who this “Elder Brother” really is! Do you want to guess Papa? That’s right Papa! None other than “Big Brother”!!! The Roman Catholic Church teachs that the Jews are “Big Brother”!

Obey or Die! The soul that sinneth by disobeying “Elder Big Brother” shall surely die!

This poor wretched sinner cannot abide this; What do we even call it? Jewinsanity? Nay, Roman Catholic Chrischyinsanity!

Papa, The Gospel Truth is that the Jews are not our “Elder ‘B’nai B’rith’ Big Brother”.
True Catholics along with all other True Christians, both renounce and reject Abraham Foxman’s Defamation League with the Devil! Dishonest Abe is a fiendish devil who accuses the brethren both day and night.

Dishonest Abe, of Abraham’s Defamation League with the Devil (ADL) defines antisemitism in its most classical incarnation as Jesus Christ, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ as the most classical antisemitic screed of all time. Dishonest Abe defames the “Apostles Creed”. He disparagingly dismisses it. Infamous Abe labels it the “Apostles Screed”!

Papa, In Truth, The Jews are our spiritually stunted, retarded, “little brother”. By and large, they suffer from spiritual and moral atrophy. The withered, accursed fig tree that produces only foul figs, if any, is an apt metaphor. The rest of the “Family of Man” is embarrassed by their, for the most part, Turkic-Mongoloid retarded little brother who never developed spiritually. Yes, Turkic-Mongoloids afflicted with spiritual Down Syndrome.

Papa, Thank you and may Jesus bless you.

I will be praying for you to be guided by the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

Papa, Papa, Please, I beg of thee; God Forbid that the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church should fulfill the Apocalyptic Prophecy of the Fallen “Scarlet Woman” who attempts to ride the out of control, rampaging Jewish “Beast”!!!!!!

Papa, May you go down in the annals of history as Pope Benedict, The Benevolent; Not, Pope Benedict Arnold!

Papa, Have I communicated or excommunicated with you?

Papa, I will close for now with my All-Time Favorite Jewish Quote;

“E-nough, E-E-Enough”!!!

Yitzak Rabin, Oslo Accords