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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Dear Brother Rick,
      This is my third attempt to send you this email. I lost it twice. I hope threes a charm. This spiritual warfare can be so frustrating. But giving up is not an option. I regularly lose my internet connection here at Lee’s. Lee never uses a computer. Lee has never listened to RBN. The internet is for his secretary, Phoebe. She never listens to RBN either.
      Rick, I still believe in you. My trust in you has not been shaken. I believe in your professionalism. I trust that you are a fair and honest broker.
      I first became aware that something is not Kosher with Dr.K on the Monday night broadcast of January 12th. Dr.K took my call. I mentioned some teachings of Jack McLamb that I disagree with. Of course, I’m not talking behind Jack’s back. Jack can listen to me on the archives. Besides, I raise the same issues with Jack on his show on Sundays. The problem is that Jack is only on RBN once a week so I only have a few minutes to try to respond to Jack’s teachings on his show. That reminds me. The other night you said to just stick to the issues (Thursday the 22nd). You are right Rick. The only thing is Rick, Jack’s show isn’t so much about the issues as it is Jack’s own beliefs and teachings. Sometimes it is almost like Sunday school. Although,ironically, Jack condemns Christian worship on the pagan Sunday.
      Anyway, Dr.K said that he hasn’t listened to the Officer Jack McLamb show. The call itself went well. Then Jim from Buffalo called in saying that everything I said was wrong, that I had misrepresented Jack. Jim accused me of listening to RBN morning, noon, and night. He accused me of calling in to other shows on RBN. How does Jim know all this unless he’s listening to RBN all the time too? What a hypocrite. Dr.K very unprofessionally gave Jim a complete pass on this obvious hypocrisy. Rick, I make no apologies for turning off the Tele – viv – vision. Rick, I’m not ashamed that I have become a loyal devotee of RBN, inspite of what Dr.K and Jim from Buffalo say. I’m not going to let K and Buffalo Jim  Buffalo me. Dr.K said he wasn’t going to tolerate callers who put out misinformation and disinformation. Dr.K thanked Jim for “setting the record straight”.This is just after Dr.K said that he has never listened to Jack.So how does K know that the record is straight? Then Dr.K told callers to hang on while he skipped ahead to Bob from Colorado. Then Bob piled on, bashing me and falsely accusing me of accusing Jack of being a Khazar. Bob made some not so veiled threats against me. He would like to come to Massachusetts to spend just one hour with me. Presumably to kick the stuffings out of me by the tone of his voice. Bob’s trying to project the tough guy image. Let me tell Bob that if it takes him an hour to kick the stuffings out of someone it’s too late. The other guy kicked the stuffings out of Bob 55 minutes ago. Maybe Bob spells  Bob with two O’s. I was kidding on Jack’s show that the government has a Financial Czar, an Energy Czar, a Drug Czar, and is even talking about appointing a Car Czar. I kidded Jack that maybe Yo Mama would appoint him to the Cabinet level position of Khazar (as in Khazar Czar).
Of course I was joking. Well, Bob has been trying to make a federal case out of it. He couldn’t possibly be that stupid. Does Bob have a sense of humor? What’s the explanation?
      What I can tell you Rick is this; I first heard Jim and Bob on Roger Fredinburgs show. Evidently they are Fredinburg fans. I used to call Fredinburg and stand up for Phil Tourney and the U.S.S. Liberty survivors and especially for the 34 dead swabbies that didn’t survive, when Fredinburg would attack them. I confronted Fredinburg on other issues as well. Finally, I arranged to have Paster Ron Kukal of the Liberty Veterans Association interviewe d by Fredinburg on Veterans Day. That show went very well and Roger Fredinberg admitted that he had been wrong about Phil and the Liberty and the survivors and he apologized to everyone whom he offended. I think the RBN listening audience forgave Roger. I know that I did.
      Jim and Bob would always call into Roger’s show and attack Dave from Massachusetts. The rest of the audience were loyal RBN listeners and supported me.
I suspect that Jim and Bob are in the camp of Phil Tourney’s nemesis, Jim Ennes. However, I have no proof at this point, so I certainly cannot be certain of this.
      Anyway, to say I was shocked when Dr.K joined Bob and Jim’s attack on me is putting it mildly. I thought Dr.K was solid. Boy, was I mistaken. Dr.K said that I said that he was going to be arrested for terrorism. I could hardly believe my ears.
It wasn’t till later that I remembered making a call to you Rick, when Dr.K was your guest . It was probably about two months ago when I called your show with Dr.K as guest. I had listened that day to Alex Jones interview ex ISI chief Hamid Gul. During that interview Mr.Gul said that they were trying to charge him with terrorism. I can’t remember the specifics now. I’m not even sure whether Mr.Gul said specifically who was trying to charge him with terrorism. I don’t know whether it’s the U.S. or Pakistan or some International body trying to charge him. Then, that very evening Carl from Canada called Mike Piper’s show. Mark Glenn was sitting in for Michael. Carl used to call Michael almost every night. I could hear desperation in Carl’s voice. It sounded like his one phone call that someone charged with a crime is allowed to make. Carl said that the RCMP had arrested him on terrorism charges at the detention center near Montreal. He has a website called Carl’s last name is Malaskiewicz-Blaise. He stated that he has been tranferred to a diffe rent facility in Montreal. He pleaded with Mark to be sure and inform Michael of these latest developments. I think he left a phone number with Mark to give to Michael. That’s the last I’ve heard of Carl. Evidently, he can’t call RBN from this new facility. He may be in a regular jail now.
      Anyway Rick, I called your show which came on right after the Piper Report. I told you and Dr.K about Hamid Gul and Carl. I said something to the effect that the “Handwriting is on the Wall”. It looks like people who figure out who the true terrorists are and say so publicly are going, themselves, to be charged with terrorism. Rick, we have 1st amendment protection presumably, but Canada and Pakistan do not have our protection.
      Dr.K almost made it sound like I personally was threatening him with arrest. So the three of them, Jim, Bob and Dr.K ganged up together to attack me. Dr.K kept saying that he would not put up with dis in formation and lies . He asked me over the air, when I was not on line, when he knew I could not respond, If I am a zionist spy. ” Are you a zionist spy Dave”? I was shocked and deeply disappointed in Dr.K.
      The next night that Dr.K hosted your show Mossad Mike told me that Dr.K refused to take a call from me. He obviously did not want me to have a chance to respond to the accusations that he leveled against me.
      That’s when I first became suspicious that Dr.K was not the man that I thought he was. When will I ever learn not to be so trusting? I had taken a shine to Dr.K right from the first time that I heard and talked with him. It seemed to be reciprocal Rick. Do you recall Dr.K sending me a complimentary copy of the “Magnificent Message”? I immediately ordered several of Dr.K’s books. I was sold on Dr.K and believed that the Magnificent Message had  been translated into Modern English by a magnificent person , Dr .K.   Now that I think about it, I do find it curious that none of my muslim contacts and friends have ever heard of Dr.Kaasem Khaleel. Not even the Imams at several Islamic centers. Not only on the East Coast but also out here in the Midwest, where I am now. I haven’t been trying to look into Dr.K’s background, I’ve been trying to spread the good word about Dr.K and his books at
      Then on Thursday the 22nd of January I called into your show Rick. Dr.K was your guest. I expressed my admiration for Dr.K, then I mentioned that I thought Dr.K had handled Buffalo Jim and Colorado Bob’s calls poorly on January 12th’s Rick Adams Uncensored show.
      K said that he won’t tolerate liars. He accused Dave from Massachusetts of falsely presenting himself as a taxicab driver. He demanded that I tell him where I have ever driven a cab. Maybe I shouldn’t ha v e a nswered K’s cynical ques tions, but I did. Rick, you heard me tell him that I drove cab for 30 years in Boston, New York City, Anchorage, Alaska, New Bedford and Quincy, Massachusetts.I told K that I no longer drive a cab. He demanded to know when and where was the last place that I drove cab. I told him Quincy, Massachusetts about 6 years ago.When he realised that he couldn’t buffalo me just like Buffalo Jim can’t buffalo me, he made another false allegation, a lie in plain language. K said that I said that Keith from Indiana hates muslims. I haven’t the foggiest notion what Keith’s attitude is toward the muslims. I’ve never heard Keith even bring up the subject of the muslims.When I denied that I ever said any such thing, K insisted that he heard me say it. I asked him when he heard me say that. He said on RBN. I asked him what show on RBN? He said it didn’t matter which show on RBN. I insisted that he be specific, which show ? Finally he said on the show that he hosted for you Rick. He said the show that Jim and Bob called in on. Well, let’s just call that pair Jimbob.
      Rick, you or any other fair and honest person can easily prove all this for yourself by simply listening to Rick Adams Uncensored archives on January 12th and 22nd. Make up your own mind who is honestly speaking the truth and who is lying.
      I warn K that he better lie more carefully. It is easily proven that I was a cabby for 30 years. Anyone can ask the staff at American Free Press. For 20 of those 30 years I passed out thousands of Spotlight newspapers and American Free Press newspapers and many of the special reports such as the attack on the U.S.S.Liberty and 50 unanswered questions about 9-11 etc;etc. I never personally profited from this patriotic activity. I passed out all material out of my cab gratis. It always pleased me that I could sincerely thank my kind and generous passengers for their tips by turning them on to the finest little organization and newspaper in the whole-wide world.
      I’m not sure that the K in Dr.K stands for Kosher. I smell something that’s not Kosher.Or maybe I do smell something Kosher. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Abraham’s Defamation League with the Devil and the Mossad infiltrated operatives into opposition organizations, especially Islamic organizations, using the cover of Islam itself.
      As for me Rick, I’m going to be taking a second look at K. This time you can bet that I’ll have my reading glasses on.Where was K born? Can K produce a valid birth certificate? Was K born a muslim? If not, when did K convert to Islam? In short is K OK? Is K  A-OK?
      I hope Dr.K turns out to be just a silly oregano-head and nothing more sinister.
With Warmth and Brotherly Love to You, Rick,
                                                                            Dave from Massachusetts