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Everywhere I go there are free offers.Racks of free newspapers chock full of advertisements.Racks of homes for sale and apartments for rent magazines.Magazines advertising new and used cars.There are flyers and brochures offered everywhere I turn.Credit card applications are omnipresent.There are betting slips in all the stores and gas stations.Everywhere there are magazines full of advertising lying around in dentist and doctors offices etc;There are racks of newspapers everywhere for sale.For a couple of coins you can access a stack of newspapers.Often just pulling the handle opens the door even without inserting coins.There are stacks of newspapers on the street corners early in the morning waiting to be delivered.There are advertising .posters on the bus and in the subway.Well you get the point.From every point off the compass we’re being bombarded [ a military term ] with offers and advertisements.

I’ve also noticed that there is a trash receptacle or even a whole dumpster conveniently located nearby all these offers and advertisements.


So here’s the point:


If They trash your favorite Organization? If They trash your favorite Newspaper? If They trash your favorite Flag? If They trash your favorite Country? If They trash your favorite Religion? If They trash your favorite Savior? If they trash your favorite Prophet? If They trash your favorite Holiday or Holy Day? If They trash your favorite Leader? If They trash your favorite Candidate? If They trash your Vote? If They trash your Election Results?If They trash your right to a fair fully informed Jury Trial? If They trash your right to even a Jury Trial? If They trash your right to any kind of Trial? If They trash your unborn Child? If They trash your favorite Race or Ethnic Group? If They trash your Economy and Industry? If They trash the value and integrity of your Currency? If They trash your Gender? If They trash your Environment? If They trash your Planet? If They trash your Pet? If They trash your Borders? If They trash your Language? If They trash your Heritage? If They trash your Guns? If They trash the Bill of Rights? If They trash all your Rights? If They trash your Constitution? If They trash your Liberty,your mental,physical,and emotional Health? If They trash the natural wholesomeness of your Food? If They trash your Happiness and sense of Well Being? If They trash your Soul? If They trash the Past,Present,and Future of You and your Loved Ones?


Always Remember,


Never Forget,


Two Can Play Trash !!!



    • AngelinaJoelieberman
    • Posted December 17, 2008 at 8:56 pm
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    If They trash the natural wholesomeness of your Food?

    They already did with that sign of satan called the kosher seal.

    • Bill W
    • Posted December 18, 2008 at 4:07 am
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    Good stuff. Good message
    2 can play trash indeed!

    • Rockclimber
    • Posted December 18, 2008 at 7:46 pm
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    “Never forget” is right and never forget what they are doing to us.

    Enough of this anti-goyism!

    Keep it going Dave! 🙂

    • work off the sugar
    • Posted December 19, 2008 at 4:40 am
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    Wonderful point, Dave! It’s all part of their plan for world domination, trash the advanced gentile civilization. The Khazarian nobles, traders, and warior class listeed to the Rabbis and copied the most advanced people at the time, the Germans and the culture, and then they trashed Germany and the rest of advanced civilization of Europe just becase the Rabbis told the Khan and his gang that the Talmud says the Kenite has to be superior and the plan for world domination go on, these Khazars were lowly pople and weren’t fit as is to be kenite so the rabbis put nails under their rears and told them to find role models in advanced people, and then to turn on them like vipers in the name of the Talmud. So what do you get? An abuse and exploitation of culture, such as the creation of Yiddish as the language of the Khazarian nobles and Klezmer noise(originlly, it was called Freilech music, Freilech means happy in Yiddish, then the Rabbis called this out of tune and senseless music Kli Zemer, a Hebrew word meaning musical instrumet), rippoff of German commoner Polka music, the Khazars trying to out do the Germans in all facets of society from education, science, buying in themselves as leaders and misinforming people into confusion, and when that didn’t work, they went hook or bycrook in the name of the Talmud, they turned on Germany and the rest of advanced people and culture in Europe. These Khazars invited the advanced Germans into Khazaria while the Khazars sent their children to German universities(that’s where the Ashkenazi got the fshion to send their kids to the best schols and tutors, even if they had IQless Khazar brains, their main inheritence) and you have the genes of advanced intelligent Germans mixed with the Kenites, giving these boneheaded IQless dumb as a donkey Khazars intelligence, and still these Khazars couldn’t keep up with the fine Germans, these Khazar failures. Those Khazars had no culture, theye were alays in the trash even when they were riding on the coattails of the more advanced races, the true 12 tribes that migrated to Europe, advanced for a reason, God’s chosen people. If there was no German culture and genes introduced ino Khazaria, the Ashkenazis and their curse to humanity wouldn’t exist and the Rabbis would have stayed in earth’s enema hole, Babylon. The trash are trashing the earth as in the centuries past, God gave good people back then the oppertunity to throw out the trash, but they left it to collect until society turned into a dump that broke most of mens’ spirit. What comes with trash? Rats and roaches, and they multiply and run the show if you leave the trash to add up and pollute the place even more. Who ends up in Europe? Rothschild, Oppnheimes, Warburgs, the Frankist movement, all of these Khazarian roaches, rats, and snakes, mixed with the Rabinical infections of Babylon all ended up in Germany and the first univerities of Hungary, the most advanced peoples and cultures thy tried to destroy. Talmudic jealousy and supremecy. The Talmud is the trash that was left to collect and the people that follow it and teach it especially are the rats, snakes, and roaches that moved in when could control their filthpit ideal society. The Kenite high intelligence/intelectutal superiority? That’s the resulting of mixing a bone headed horseman Khazar an intelligent German(the Turkic peoples weren’t known for their inteligence/critical thinking problem solving skills, but for there common sense, conquring strategy) with or Armenian(historically the best record keepers and accountants of the Sultans of Turkey, tht mad the Rabbis and lowly Khazars jealous, and that lead to the Young Turks’ Armenian genocide. Where do the Khazars get thei strange, ungly awkward sounding names? Those wee old arcaich German names they took inadmiration of the Germans, while the Khazars were still in Khazaria. The post Khazarian diaspora Kenites that oved int the lnd the loved so much germany, took German names of plants, animals, and landscapes. As for Yiddish, that was invented in Khazaria, replacing 90% of Khazarian language with archaic german and Sorbian(not Serbian) words, a language that the noble Khazars(kings, traders, an warrior class leaders, the warrior class horseman divison names like Alperts, Kaplans, Balabans, Halperins, spoke(although they didn’t mix with the Babylonian Kenites that emigrated to Khzaria, hence, the warrior class kept their ongolian asian B type bloos, as seen in 90% of Ashkenazi, while the cmmoner Khazars spoke Khazarianand were pagans.

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